Winners of Food Influencers | Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021


Here are the captivating pictures submitted in the Food Influencers category of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021:

Founded in 2011 by Caroline Kenyon and her team at The Food Awards Company, the contest celebrates the best in food photography and film today. There are 30 unique categories that cover a range of depictions of food in society. The entries are then judged by experts—photographers, magazine editors, creative directors, film directors, food retailers, and chefs. This year, the esteemed panel of jurors included David Loftus, the Chair of Judges, Nicola Galloway, Jussi Brofeldt, and Francis Hodgson, among others. The title winner receives a cash prize of 5000 GBP.

First Winner: Deborah Trocchia, Italy

Photograph/Deborah Trocchia

Lumière D’automne: In autumn, the days are shorter, and we wait for winter with a veil of sadness. Through this image, I wanted to highlight a moment when the world of dreams connects with fairy tales, which we experienced while growing up. Since I was a child, I have been waiting for that precise hour of the afternoon when the light enters without hindrance and imposes itself in the room, portraying hope. I grew up preserving that ephemeral happiness that I know will only last for a moment, as it does every time.

Second Winner: Daniela Gerson, United States of America

Photograph/Daniela Gerson

Rainbow Apple Galette: The buttery and flaky dough was topped with the very best of the season’s fresh apple bounty and brushed with a cinnamon-sugar glaze. The apples vary on the sweet-tart spectrum, and I wanted to celebrate every colour of the apple rainbow. It’s a rustic, free form galette that provides all the benefits of a pie, the crust to the filling, without any fuss. I photographed it in the soft light that helps to bring out the glaze.

Third Winner: Ritumbhara Chinnabalan, India

Photograph/Ritumbhara Chinnabalan

Breaking Open the Coconut: This image depicts a typical and mundane scene from a South Indian home similar to mine. I have portrayed my mother, who was about to break open a coconut using a traditional tool. We call it aruva in Tamil. Coconut also takes up a large part of our diet included in almost everything we cook. The story behind this image is so close and stays authentic to my roots.

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