Winners of the Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers | Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021


Here are the compelling images submitted in the Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers category of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021:

Founded in 2011 by Caroline Kenyon and her team at The Food Awards Company, the contest celebrates the best in food photography and film today. There are 30 unique categories that cover a range of depictions of food in society. The entries are then judged by experts—photographers, magazine editors, creative directors, film directors, food retailers, and chefs. This year, the esteemed panel of jurors included David Loftus, the Chair of Judges, Nicola Galloway, Jussi Brofeldt, and Francis Hodgson, among others. The title winner receives a cash prize of 5000 GBP.

First Winner: Marina Spironetti, Italy

Photograph/Marina Spironetti

Female Butchers of Panzano-Martina: This image was part of a reportage about the female butchers of Panzano in Chianti, which I worked on last autumn. Dario Cecchini, the world-famous butcher, has been training a team of young women who come to Tuscany from all over the world to learn the art of deboning. Food and wine photography has always been a significant part of my work as a photographer, especially in recent years. I had the opportunity to spend the day before the photo shoot with all the women, giving me the opportunity to get to know them a bit better. I have always thought that mutual trust plays an essential part when creating someone’s portrait. I know it’s not always possible, but whenever I have the chance, I try to spend some time with my subject before the shoot. It makes such a huge difference.

Second Winner: Ann-Sophie Deldycke, Belgium

Photograph/Ann-Sophie Deldycke

The Proof is in the Pudding: The image was photographed in an old mansion in Bruges, in the three-cushion billiard room. While the mother was ’trying’ to hit the pink pudding, her daughter does what kids do—act like a grownup—painting her nails, drinking, and smoking. The photograph is a part of my series titled Eat This! The project derived its inspiration from old school food of the sixties and seventies and created in collaboration with food stylist Celina Kleinert.

Third Winner: Chloe Hardwick, United Kingdom

Photograph/Chloe Hardwick

Aftermath of Girls Night: The photograph celebrates evenings spent with female friends, as well as and laughter, joy, tears, songs, and solidarity shared amongst one another. With soft tones and strong light, the image is both delicate and powerful, like us. To achieve this, I collaborated with a close friend and stylist, Daisy Shayler Webb. Our intertwined histories and genuine friendship certainly helped sculpt the overall atmosphere.

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