Where the Wind Goes to Come Back


This is a Brazilian phrase I learned from a Sebastião Salgado interview. Travelling to the Antartic and nearby regions, Salgado found vast flocks of giant albatrosses off the Falkland Islands. “Islands at the end of the world,” he called them. “Or as we say in Brazil, ‘where the wind goes to come back.’” I found it to be such a lovely phrase. It means that all things are cyclical, that nothing comes to an end, it just regenerates. The tide has to ebb in order to flow again, and similarly, our style, our vision, have to endure highs and lows, they need to be subjected to some soul-searching, some abject disenchantment, disillusionment or simply, boredom and emptiness in order to achieve absolute satisfaction, joy and happiness. The phrase tells us that clean slates, after all, are not such a bad idea. After all, what is more inviting than an empty page? Here’s to new journeys to the end of the world and back.

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of Better Photography.