What Fashion Bloggers are Doing Right with Photography


Conchita Fernandes breaks it down and tells you what fashion bloggers are doing right with photography.

Until a couple of years ago, one could only have a peek at the world of fashion and lifestyle through glossy magazine spreads and the extravagant runway shows that would be aired on television. But fashion bloggers have single-handedly changed the rules of the game. They have given viewers like you and me, exclusive opportunities to travel with them, dine with them and explore the world of luxury brands. And photography has helped them in there venture in a big way.

The portals through which we are able to glimpse into their often glamorous and fast-paced life is all because of beautifully shot photographs. Their images are exactly what draws us into their vibrant lifestyle and sometimes makes us question whether what we are seeing is too good to be true. So, what are they doing right, with regards to photography? Let’s find out.



Using the Right Equipment
With an increasing number of people wanting to get into this industry, the fashion blogging world has become quite cut-throat. Simple things such as the lighting in the photos matters and will decide the number of visitors that may visit the blog. Which is why you will find that most of these bloggers are owners of professional DSLRs with superior video and image making abilities. Moreover, the type of lens used also matters. Most fashion bloggers prefer using a 50mm lens for its depth of field.

However, for a behind the scenes glimpse, fashion bloggers also turn to cellphone photography, which helps them get their message out just as effectively.

Correct Use of Filters
Although there is no cardinal rule about the kind of filter one should use for their photographs, choosing the right one can still determine and set the mood for your photograph. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use the Toaster filter for a photograph that is already glaringly bright. This is one of the departments that fashion bloggers seem to have nailed.

Photograph/ @anouskapb


The Trusty Sidekick
Not all fashion bloggers have great photography or video-making skills. But they do have partners or close friends, who can shoot, whom they can constantly count on photographing them. These people often become constant travel companions and important behind-the-scene aids. In a few cases, the pair become so strong that they are able to promote themselves as a brand.

Creating a Trend with Arrangement Shots
Apart from a very few non-fashion photographers, one being Todd McLellan, fashion bloggers can singlehandedly be credited for popularising the chic trend of arrangement photographs. It is almost like a mini visual diary entry of their day, usually summarised with the help of clothing, cosmetic or food items. These have become so popular, that even others have been creating shots of their gear arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner.



Photographing Every Aspect of their Existence
Yes, fashion bloggers are notorious for photographing every product they purchase, every meal that they eat, every outfit they put on, every time they go on a vacation… To some it might sound frivolous or may be even a waste of time, but they are in fact adhering to one of the most basic characteristics of being a photographer, that is, shooting all the time. Plus they are always timely with having a photograph in hand to celebrate important moments and occasions.

This article originally appeared in the May 2014 issue of Better Photography.

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