The Virtue Of Turning 11


This month, Better Photography celebrates her 11th Anniversary and moves into her 12th year of publication. Eleven is a strangely potent number. In 35mm and medium formats, most lenses approach their optimum performance towards f/11. This is also the aperture at which the hyperfocal distance is usually the greatest, affording a large depth-of-field and the largest area of perceived sharpness. The solar cycle is of approximately 11 years. Coincidentally, both Better Photography and our Sun follow the same 11 year cycle. In astrology and basic numerology, 11 is considered to be a ‘master number’. Ten being the perfect number, 11 represents the exceeding of that which is perfect. People tend to look up to others associated with the number 11 for learning, inspiration and guidance.

We have a long way to go before we can say that we are near perfection. Turning 11 makes us take a good look at ourselves, chalk directions and make plans to get there. Of course, we have grown considerably since we first began. Our readership, number of pages and the density of meaningful content has increased steadily, year after year. We have changed with technology and the times. We have broadened our area of focus and our understanding of the subject. We are now available in six other countries, apart from having a widespread circulation in India.

Better Photography was the very first magazine to be launched by Infomedia India Ltd. in June 1997. Our first, tentative steps into magazine publishing were eventually rewarded by the launch of over twenty other periodicals in the last 11 years. Most of these journals and magazines, including Better Photography, are at the very top in their respective fields.

The success that Better Photography enjoys is primarily because of you, our reader. We have a lot to be grateful to you for. We are especially thankful to you for being with us on our journey so far, and for encouraging us at every step of the way with your subscriptions, editorial contributions, feedback, suggestions, critique and appreciation. We also thank those of you who have supported us through the years with advertising and sponsorship.

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to thank my team for their unbridled passion for Better Photography. Without their knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication and endeavour, we would not have been celebrating 11 years of market presence as the number one photography magazine today. Within the next few pages, you shall meet the whole Better Photography family, face to face.

This is our 133rd issue to hit the stands. And, this is just the beginning of our journey with you.

This article was originally published in the June 2008 edition of Better Photography.

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