Top 5 Videos Directed by Herb Ritts


The world remembers him as a prolific photographer. But did you know that Herb Ritts had also directed music videos for some of the biggest names in the music industry? From Madonna to N*Sync to Mariah Carey, Ritts created some fantastic music videos. Here’s our top 5 favourite videos by the legend.

5. Toni Braxton – Let it Flow (1995)

Herb Ritts provided a surreal, yet serene visual to Toni Braxton’s 1995 song, Let it Flow. The monochromatic frames are striking and very memorable.

4. Tina Turner – Way of the World (1991)

Ritts brings his expertise with lighting and black and white imagery in this Tina Turner hit, Way of the World. The minimalistic frames echo Ritts’ photographic work.

3. Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes (2002)

This was the very last video Herb Ritts directed before his untimely death in 2002. It features a mix of colour and black and white imagery, combining to make a very beautiful video.

2. Michael Jackson – In the Closet (1992)

One of Michael Jackson’s most memorable videos, In the Closet is remembered for its sepia look, which was quite new at that time.

1. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (1989)


This was Herb Ritts’ most iconic video. It created such a stir, that it actually helped put singer Chris Isaak in the limelight. The video also won several awards at the MTV Video Music awards .We haven’t included the video in this post because it can be a bit NSFW, but you can view it here.

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