Make Your Mum Happy This Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

While mothers deserve love and affection every single day of the year, a day is still designated to commemorate their magnificence. India celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, 11th May this year.

However, what gift can you buy your mum has often stumped a lot of people. What can be the perfect gift which she will not only appreciate, but also find use for? Chocolates and flowers are quite run of the mill… and what if she is allergic to sweets or pollen? Moreover, as photographers, what can we give our mums that also reflect who we are?

Fear not, for I have compiled the ultimate gift guide for your mum. Whether she is a photographer, a photography enthusiast, or simply someone with a child who is forever away making photos, use this guide to get her the perfect gift. And don’t forget to gift these along with the not-so-secret ingredient: lots of love.

A Camera to Execute her Vision

The perfect camera for the perfect woman.

The perfect camera for the perfect woman.

If your mum has been toying with the idea of making photographs, or has gradually developed the interest, get her started by buying her a camera of her own. These days, you do not need a lavish budget to invest in a good quality compact camera. Depending on her area of interest, you can buy her a relevant camera. For instance, if she in inclined towards making portraits, you could opt for the Canon IXUS 155. If she is active on social media, you could get the Sony Cyber-shot WX200, which is also equipped with WiFi. You can also consider the Nikon COOLPIX S02 camera, which is smaller than your palm and comes in a range of colours… if she wishes to use her camera as an accessory, that is!

A Sturdy Camera Bag for All Her Needs

Moms have a way of fitting their whole world into their bag, so why not get her a good one?

Moms have a way of fitting their whole world into their bag, so why not get her a good one?

Is your mum more of a utilitarian or is she image conscious? Irrespective of her preference, you can buy her a camera bag for her needs. Colourful or  plain, flashy or simple… you can find all kinds of camera bags for every need. Before you splurge, however, make sure you check that the bag is sturdy enough to lug not just a camera, but all the other accessories that a mother usually carries about with her.

A Custom Photo Shoot

Disclaimer: Blue umbrellas are not necessary to make your mum pose for a picture! Photograph/Natasha Desai

Disclaimer: Blue umbrellas are not necessary to make your mum pose for a picture! Photograph/Natasha Desai

More than material gifts, what most mums would prefer is to spend some time with their children. Make this bonding time even more special by gifting her a photo shoot, by you! Take her out to her favourite spots and photograph her. Make quirky portraits, or simply capture her in her element. These photos will serve as great memories for the future.

Unleash Your Creative Skills… With a Scrapbook!

Scrapbooking... making photo albums fun! Source:

Scrapbooking… making photo albums fun! Source:

So many photographs of ours lie in storage, never even seeing daylight. Go through this treasure trove of images and find photographs that may hold a special meaning for your mum. Maybe it’s a photograph of her teenage years, or an image of her all dolled up for a wedding. Maybe it’s a photograph of her cuddling with your toddler self. With these photographs collected, you can make very interesting collages.

If you are good with your hands and like creating handmade crafts, you can raid your nearest craft store for supplies and start creating. For inspiration, you can visit The author of the website, Deb, has some fantastic scrapbooking ideas which can help inspire you with your own creations.

If you happen to be lazy, don’t worry. There are several online programs available that will help you create a collage in a jiffy. Some recommendations are Fotor, Photovisi, and even Picasa has a very good collage maker.

A Little Bling Never Hurt Nobody

Now your ears go 'click click' too! Source: Etsy

Now your ears go ‘click click’ too! Source: Etsy

Finally, there’s always jewelry. There are a lot of camera gear specific jewelry available today, which you can treat your mum to. For an even more personal touch, you can inscribe the back of the piece with a message for your mum.

And there you have it, my recommendations for a perfect Mother’s Day! If all else fails, simply tell your mum how much you love and appreciate her in your life. In more ways than one, she has shaped the kind of person you are and helped form the way you see the world.

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