Ten Eco-commandments for Photographers

“We shall not waste battery life, electricity, power, fuel, paper or water in any way.”—K Madhavan Pillai

“We shall not waste battery life, electricity, power, fuel, paper or water in any way.”—K Madhavan Pillai

These days, more and more scientists and environmentalists are pointing out the role of humans in making our own planet difficult to live in. Personally, I have always believed that the planet will take care of itself. Nature will take its own course and continue as it has for millions of years. But the human race may not be around to see it. We will simply become one of the many chapters of an evolutionary cycle. In fact, as efficient as nature is, we will be recycled into other forms of life. Life will go on… without us.
As photographers, I believe that we are a little more sensitive and aware than a lot of other people. But we are not doing as much as we should. So I have taken the liberty to list down a few rules that we can easily set down for ourselves without much of an inconvenience. I like to think of these as the eco-commandments for the religion of photography.

  1. We shall not waste battery life, electricity, fuel, paper or water in any way.
  2. We shall recycle every bit of paper, plastic and metal in our lives and we shall build a culture of recycling in our homes.
  3. We shall not litter, even in the smallest of ways.
  4. We shall always walk if the destination is not more 500 meters away.
  5. We shall take the time out to enjoy and photograph the beauty of nature more often.
  6. We shall leave anything in nature as it existed before we came upon it, especially if we are photographing it.
  7. We shall make material gifts to our family and friends of only recycled, biodegradable or environmentally friendly products.
  8. We shall make more people aware of the joys of nature as we experience it, by capturing more of it in our cameras and by sharing it.
  9. We shall make people more aware of the damage to our environment by humans, by photographing it when we see it and by sharing it.
  10. We shall encourage fellow photographers to follow the nine commandments listed above.

This article originally appeared in the September 2010 issue of Better Photography.

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