Simple Rules For Buying Your Next Camera

“The most priceless gift is the gift of memories.”

“The most priceless gift is the gift of memories.”

This article was originally published in January 2012.

Whether you are a beginner, serious enthusiast or a professional, buying a camera is a big decision and possibly something you have mulled over for some time. Is there a fixed formula for buying a camera? I believe so. Here it is.

The moment you decide to buy your next camera, you would either have a budget in mind or you have already been saving up to buy a specific model or type of camera. If you do not know which camera is the best for your money, turn to the ‘Top 30 Cameras’ section in this issue and make a choice after reading up on the various cameras available. Read up on the cameras above and below your level of budget as well. You will find it easier to make a choice if you know why you are buying your next camera and what it will be most used for.

It is obviously important that your budget is not uncomfortable to both you and your family. However, from the point you make your decision, give yourself three months before you actually buy it. During this time, add to your budget by at least ten percent. This will help you buy media cards, a camera case, a cleaning kit, or other essentials without this eating into your original budget. Also, use this time to ‘deserve’ your new camera by learning about good photography practices. It would be nice if you produce at least two of three sets of great pictures with your old camera, just as a self-assignment.

Finally, remember that the value of your new camera is best recovered by taking lots and lots of pictures of your family and friends… and by presenting it to them. After all, the most priceless gift is the gift of memories.

Happy shooting! And a very Happy New Year!

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