A Year For Our Own Leaps of Faith

K Madhavan Pillai

“The last year has been that of space odysseys of a different sort, and photographs from millions upon millions of kilometres away.”

An Undeniable Photo of the Dying of Dreams

K Madhavan Pillai

“I should have left this page blank, for once.”–K Madhavan Pillai

Making New Experiences For Yourself

Conchita Fernandes

“Sometimes it takes several kinds of experiences, some good and some lousy, for you to discover your footing in the larger scheme of things.”

Connecting Across the Rifts

K Madhavan Pillai

“A friendship needs no pretence, explanations, excuses, or apologies… neither does the practice of photography.”

In the Reading of Photographs

K Madhavan Pillai

“A strict adherence to process and rules has a danger of making a photographer ‘too focused’.”