Observations & Questions

K Madhavan Pillai

K Madhavan Pillai looks back at photokina and ponders over where we’re headed.

10 Things that Pro Photography is Not About

Raj Lalwani

The common misconceptions about professional photography to give you a reality check before you enter this exciting career.


Which Is The Best Camera?

By on in Perspectives

The Editor, on choosing the best camera for your needs.

How Selfie-sh Are You?

Supriya Joshi

My reflection on the ‘art’ of selfie making.


Learnings From The Canon Way

By on in Perspectives

At CP+ 2012, K Madhavan Pillai explores the Japanese work culture and way of life, to apply their principles to the business of photography.

I am Not a Photographer

Chandni Gajria

Chandni Gajria opens a new window for alternate careers within the field of photography.


The Way of Tea

By on in Perspectives

In this April 2011 editorial, the Editor talks about extending the elaborate Japanese ritual of the tea ceremony to photography.