Leica Invites You to Yawn

The Most Boring Ad Ever Made

Would you watch an ad that shows a camera being polished for 45 minutes?

Has Leica really made the most boring ad ever? Sarang Naik finds out.

Leica is notorious for its obsession with precision and high quality, but with their new advertisement they have gone one step further. Who else has the cheek to make a 45-minute long ad and call it ‘the most boring ad ever made’? It is both tongue-in-cheek and a genius marketing ploy at the same time.

The ad promotes the new Leica T camera and shows a technician diligently hand-polishing a block of aluminium which forms the shell of the camera. For the first two minutes, a voiceover describes the camera’s features and goads you to stop watching if you find it boring, “Unimpressed? Stop Watching!”

If you pass the two-minute mark without getting bored,  then you “clearly appreciate obsessive craftsmanship and love using it to take outstanding pictures”. Thankfully, after that, you are invited to skip to the last minute. Of course, if you have time to spare, you are most welcome to watch the remaining 43 minutes of tedious polishing and finishing which apparently involves “4700 individual strokes to finish each body”. Ahem.

Leica has come up with quite an innovative approach to demonstrate the craftsmanship and rigour that goes into the making of their cameras. But then is it, as they proudly claim, the most boring ad ever made? Watch it in its entirety and decide for yourself:

The Most Boring Ad Ever Made? from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

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