Shades of Belonging


Annie Leibovitz believed that photographers could only truly understand their subjects if they had experienced a certain degree of intimacy, which she felt could only come from a place like one’s home. “I’ve said about a million times that the best thing a young photographer can do is to stay close to home. Start with your friends and family, the people who will put up with you. Discover what it means to be close to your work, to be intimate with a subject. Measure the difference between that and working with someone you don’t know as much about. Of course, there are many good photographs that have nothing to do with staying close to home, and I guess what I’m really saying is that you should take pictures of something that has meaning for you…”

Conchita Fernandes takes you through the photographs of Raj Lalwani, Ashly Stohl, Anurag Banerjee, Sathish Kumar and Sam Harris, who have, in their own way, created intimate visuals of what it means to find oneself through family; to feel unstoppable in the face of adversity; to yearn for a place that was once home, not so long ago; to find home in familiar and unfamiliar places; and finally, what it means to love unconditionally.

Tags: Raj Lalwani, better photography, photography, family, Conchita Fernandes, Sam Harris, Sathish Kumar, Anurag Banerjee, November 2018, Shades of Belonging, Ashly Stohl