My Best Shot: Nicolas Chorier

My best shot. Photograph/ Nicolas Chorier

Photograph/ Nicolas Chorier

This story was originally published in May 2014.

Nicolas Chorier

Nicolas Chorier

Why it is my best shot?
I love the fact that the eyes of the people are sharp and looking upwards at the flying camera. There is something in their eye, which is not ‘human-to-human’, but ‘human-to-object’, which is unusual. This gave a sense of the “human scale” potential in aerial kite photography.

This image could have been shot from a ladder, or from any other elevated element, which could have caused a shadow. But here, we do not see any shadows, and I guess people do not look at a cameraman in the same way they look at a still camera. They are just looking at a flying object, a furtive witness as a bird.

Where and when I shot this image?
I was out on a walk at the beach at the Malabar Coast.

How I achieved it?
I was walking on the beach with my camera attached to a kite flying high in the air. I really had no idea where and what I wanted to shoot. Then I saw acres and acres of a sparkling surface with thousands of seagulls hovering over it. Only when I got closer did I realise, that millions of sardines were laid out on the sand to dry. I took another step and thousands of birds suddenly flew away—perhaps afraid of my kite. I wonder if the fishermen fly kites as scarecrows.

The gear I used to get the shot
I used a Canon EOD 5D and a Kite.

About Nicolas Chorier
Nicolas is a french photographer and specialises in kite aerial photography. He’s the author of the book ‘A Kite’s Eye View’ which contains aerial view pictures from India. To see more of his aerial photography visit

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