My Best Shot: Neeraj Paul

Photograph/Neeraj Paul

Photograph/Neeraj Paul

This story was originally published in September 2011.

Neeraj Paul

Neeraj Paul

Why it is my best shot?

This image is very close to my heart because I love going to the hills. I always think and dream of settling down in the mountains someday.

Where and when I shot this image?

This picture was taken in October of 2008 in Himachal Pradesh.

How I achieved it?

I was on a trek in a dense forest near Shimla. The forest was full of pine and deodar trees. It was early in the morning and the light that was falling on the leaves, made the background seem darker. Before shooting this image I kept looking around in search of the perfect frame. Finally, I composed it in such a manner that I framed the leaves against the tree trunk. This image gives me great pleasure whenever I look at it and it also has a soothing effect.

The gear I used to get the shot?

I shot this photograph with a Nikon D200 and an 18–70mm lens, with the exposure set to f/8 at 1/250sec, while using a sensitivity of ISO 400.

About Neeraj Paul

Neeraj is currently working as the Photo Editor of The Times of India, New Delhi, where he started as a freelance photographer in 1988. He has been working as a photojournalist for over 20 years and his work has been published in many prestigious magazines and annuals.

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