My Best Shot: Milind Ketkar

Photograph/Milind Ketkar

Photograph/Milind Ketkar

This story was originally published in October 2014.

Milind Ketkar

Milind Ketkar

Why This is My Best Shot

This was one of the most challenging wedding photography assignments for me—not in terms of finding the right moment, but purely because of the tricky lighting. The cool blue colours of the evening sky combined with the yellow tones of the spotlights set the mood of this grand Gujarati wedding.

Where and When I Shot this Image

I photographed this open-air wedding venue at Aksa Beach in Mumbai, at around 6pm.

How I Achieved It

When I reached the venue, I saw the spotlights that were facing the dome were covered with yellow gels. As a result, everything and everyone were looking yellow! This meant that I could not shoot too many portraits. But luckily, since this was an outdoor wedding, I had carried along my wide-angle lens and I was able to take some shots of the wedding ambience along with the sunset.

The Gear I Used to Get This Shot

I kept my Nikon D2X camera with a Nikkor 12–24mm super-wide lens on a monopod. I chose an exposure of 1/20sec at f/5 (ISO 100).

Based in Mumbai, Milind Ketkar has more than 20 years of experience in photography. Apart from undertaking a variety of wedding photography assignments, he has also shot book covers notably for the bestselling novel Maximum City by Suketu Mehta.

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