Indian Student Finalist for Sony World Youth Award 2013


Noticing various people pass by the same road, Anshul decided to get on to a bridge to get a unique vantage point. Photograph/Anshul Mehrotra

Anshul Mehrotra “Photography is a constant endeavour to freeze and preserve memories and experiences.”

Currently pursuing a post-graduate diploma in photography from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, Anshul Mehrotra was one of the top 10 finalists to be shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Youth Award 2013. He says, “My fascination with photography began when I picked up my father’s Minolta Maxxum 7000 for the first time as a kid.” I have been making pictures since my school days but the decision to turn this into my profession happened only recently.”

Anshul is an avid traveller who loves documenting his experiences with the camera. His winning image, titled Over The Top was photographed on one of his travels during Chhath Puja. “The endless joy on the two kid’s faces as they look up to my camera makes this a very special image for me.”

For the final round of the awards themed Family, Anshul decided to document the traces left behind by a family when they are not present in the house. He is also working on a personal project that focuses on sugar mills. “I was still a kid when I visited a sugar mill for the first time. Some time ago, when I was at home, I came across the images I had made there then. This inspired me to document the events that unfold at these mills,” he says.

— As told to Ketan Kundargi