Have You Ever…?


… switched on your Instagram and been fl ooded with photos? Have you ever seen a bunch of images and been inspired to make your own? Have you ever made a photo that you are proud of? Have you been proud of something you’ve shot, but wondered where the next picture would come from? Have you wondered and then wandered, into the throes of your photographic journey? Have you started your journey and wanted to give up at the very beginning? Have you given up on something, and then started all over again?

Have you started all over again, promising yourself thirty-six attempts like a roll of fi lm, thirty-eight with some luck? Have you ever shot fi lm and lost the moment as the roll got over? Have you lost a moment because you saw it but your cameraphone’s battery died? Have you ever killed the Camera app because you would rather savour the moment without a gadget in the way? Have you ever had a camera come in the way of a beautiful conversation with a kind stranger? Have you ever conversed with a stranger and wished you had brought your camera along? Have you ever lugged around a large camera, only to realise that you would rather Instagram the memory? Have you Instagrammed a memory and realised that you are in love? Have you ever fallen in love through the viewfi nder? Have you gazed through the viewfi nder and found someone staring back? Have you held eye contact and not said a word? Have you experienced silence, but heard a million voices in your head? Have you heard voices in your head and realised that they are actually ideas, brimming to the top of your consciousness? Have you ever had an incredible photo idea, but not executed it? Have you given fruition to an idea, but then messed it up? Have you messed up an attempt, and then given up trying? Have you given up on something, and then started all over again?

Have you restarted your journey and repeated the cycle? Have you repeated the cycle and felt a sense of déjà vu? Have you ever felt déjà vu, seconds before you press the shutter? Have you ever felt déjà vu, seconds before…

This article originally appeared in the August 2014 issue of Better Photography.