The Fall and Rise of the Professional

“Are you the type that whitewashes walls or produces murals?”

“Are you the type that whitewashes walls or produces murals?”

I wish I had photographed the sky on my wedding day. I had an early morning wedding and the late October skies were perfect. I did not make a picture of it, though I had two different cameras with me on the way to the temple. I regret not doing it. Now I have to keep reminding myself exactly how blue it was and what the cloud formations looked like, lest I forget.

I cannot blame the photographer hired for my wedding for not taking a picture of the sky. After all, it is a strange thing for a wedding photographer to document. Perhaps, he did take a picture but did not send it along with the rest of the photographs, considering it to be too mundane. If only he could make me an anniversary gift of a picture of the sky on my wedding day, I would be absolutely thrilled.

Amongst all the various genres of commercial photography, wedding photography is flourishing while the others are on a decline because there is now an inherent need for artistic documentation at weddings. Over the last few years, professional photography, be it advertising, journalistic, wedding or art photography, is leaning more and more towards candid, thought-provoking, detailed, sensitive documentation. With all the visual stimuli and digital technology that the world is now exposed to, the difference is a shift in the way audiences perceive and appreciate images. They know that simple representations are no longer technically challenging.

When it comes to professional work, you need to ask yourself if you are the type that whitewashes walls or produces murals. Extreme specialisation in photography is the way of the future. Old-world commercial photography forms are giving way to new ways of seeing. For those of you who wish to make a living through photography, it is best to be prepared. The change is coming.

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