Don’t Stop This Train, Don’t Pull The Chain


Travel, for me, has always been more about the journey and not so much, the destination. But then, that’s exactly what photography is for us hopeless lovers. The picture is important, but the real magic lies in its pursuit. The almost-theres and the happy accidents. The missed moments and the moments that lead to the moments. The best of photos are often unexpected visitors, and if we knew where to fi nd them, life would be a lot less charming. Much like travel… there is no real point in walking if you don’t wander, no fun in reaching somewhere if you don’t get lost along the way.

Consider disappearing for a while. I have always wanted to, myself. To perpetually be in a state of transit, neither here nor there but be somewhere that may be the middle of nowhere. Maybe just hop onto a train without knowing its destination. We are all like trains—leading our lives in a linear way, moving from situation to situation, much like a train experiences life from station to station. Photography, too, is like a rail journey. As we gaze out of the window of the train, we gaze into the window of the viewfinder. We see the world outside, and then look inwards. As passing stations change in character, so does our equipment, as does our visual style.

The journey is not always easy. It may get boring, a little tiring, a little lonesome. But enjoy the halts. Use that time to think, contemplate, feel. Slow down. And then start all over again. Soon will arrive a vibrant enough station, a warm cup of chai, a burst of inspiration that will make you fall in love, all over again.

My train has stopped at a lonely platform. I get off the train, but find no signboard, no name to this sodium vapour soaked railway station. In this world of photography, we may not know where we are, we may not know where we’re going. But it probably doesn’t matter, as we are on our way.