Dear Better Photography… A weekly reading of letters, editorials, opinions, and musings | Episode 2


The second episode of a weekly series of reading sessions by the Better Photography team, ‘Dear Better Photography…’ takes a relook at some of the thoughts, ideas, suggestions, experiences, and criticisms too, sent to us in the form of letters, emails, and posts on social media. These videos will also have readings of editorials, musings, and opinions by the team, by previous team members, and by contributors.

In this second edition, Conchita Fernandes, Senior Editor, and Tanvi Dhulia, Features Writer, with Better Photography, reads and interprets a few letters.

If you would like to read or be featured in this unique reading session and talk show, all you need to do is to write to us with your thoughts, ideas, experiences, or just about anything that will make viewers appreciate your way of thinking. Post it to us on Facebook, and of course, begin with “Dear Better Photography…”

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