10 Alternatives to Tripods


Natasha Desai shows you a few options for when carrying a tripod is not an option.

Tripods are amazing devices. They let you capture light trails, the night skies, landscapes etc., in tack sharpness. But sometimes situations arise where you cannot carry a tripod with you. It may be due to travel restrictions, prohibitions at a certain place or maybe the weight gets tiresome. In times like this fear not, you have other options!

1. The Monopod

A monopod is essentially a one-legged support for your camera. It is not as bulky to carry as its number of sections quickly fold down to become small enough. Also, it is faster to set up. the only drawback is that the more number of sections, the thinner the monopod becomes towards the end. Considering the functionality of the monopod is similar to that of a tripod, you can choose what type of a ball head you want depending on your use for it. There are even tripods that come with one leg that unscrews as a monopod, if you want a dual investment.

2. JOBY GorillaPod (SLR Zoom and ball head)

A GorillaPod’s legs twist and turn in all kinds of directions because of how its joints are made. It can be attached pretty much anywhere from tree branches, railings, fences etc. Because of the kinds of places you can attach it to, you are bound to get interesting angles and points of view. It’s versatility and portability makes it a very good option.

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3. Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount

If you’re taking a long car journey and want to capture it from the point of view of your car, this is an ideal camera mount for you. The mount has suction cups that you can attach on your car. Set up your camera to take pictures at regular intervals and you have your entire journey documented. If you want to shoot the landscape or a certain scene, you have to ensure that you attach the mount is the correct place.

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4. Monsterpod

The Monsterpod latches itself onto any surface possible. With its swivel head, you can get pictures from almost any angle and it is small and light enough to carry. This is also good for compact camera users.

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5. The Bottle Cap Tripod

With this bottle cap tripod, you can travel super light. It’s as simple as screwing on to a bottle and shooting away.

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6. Veho DuoPod

This DuoPod comes with a handheld monopod and tripod. It also has an adventure sports option. Hold on to it and you can capture everything around you. It is also great for self-portraits.


7. A Bean Bag

Not the big one you sit in, but a smaller option. Fill in a small pouch with the same material a bean bag is stuffed with and you can rest your camera on it with ease.

8. Trek-Tech TrekPod

This is an ultra-light tripod with thin spindly legs. The many sections and how thin it is make it extremely portable and light to carry. Ideal for trekkers (as the name suggests) to capture a view from wherever their journey may take them.

9. Set Your Camera Somewhere

When outdoors, find a surface you can place your camera on. It could be a ledge, a car hood, bench, floor anything. Makes sure the surface is clean or place a cloth under  the camera and shoot away. You could even use your camera bag for this.

10. Your Camera Settings

Make sure you utilise what settings your camera has to reduce shake. Also, use a high ISO, so you have a few more stops to play with (even though you may get a bit of grain). You could also use the camera’s self timer settings to ensure the camera doesn’t move because of you pressing the shutter release button.

This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue of Better Photography.

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