Xara Release Photo and Graphic Designer Version 11


Xara has released the new version of its creative design and photo editing software, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer v11. The updated version includes upgraded Brush Tool and Transparency Tool.

The Brush Tool in the Photo and Graphic Designer Version 11 now boasts a new Art Brush technology that stretches either vector or bitmap, in real time, along a freehand drawn line. Also, the new version will enable users to sync files via Dropbox and Google Drive. The Sharp Factor Tool offers extra flexibility via a new selection of vector shape editing tools. In the Transparency Tool, five new W3C standard, web-safe and PDF-safe blend modes have been added – Overlay, Hard Light, Soft Light, Luminosity and Colour.

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer v11

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer v11

Charles Moir, Managing Director of Xara said, “As the name suggests Photo and Graphic Designer is more than just another photo editor. It is one of the most advanced and powerful vector graphics program available, and seamlessly combines vector graphics with the photo editing features that any graphics enthusiast, small company or academic users are likely to need.”

The photo editing and graphic designing software is available at USD 69.99 (approx. Rs. 4460).

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