Joop Swart Masterclass Members Revealed

Photograph/Bas de Meijer and Hollandse Hoogte

Photograph/Bas de Meijer and Hollandse Hoogte

On 23 April 2014, the World Press Photo organisation announced its list of 12 photographers who will be a part of its Joop Swart Masterclass. Now in its 21st edition, the six-day masterclass is oriented toward bringing together 12 of the most talented young photojournalists to discuss and share their knowledge and experiences with other photographers.

The photographers who made it to the 2014 masterclass are Bego Antón from Spain, Bryan Denton, Isadora Kosofsky and Bryan Schutmaat from the United States; Meeri Koutaniemi from Finland, Giorgio Di Noto from Italy, Emilie Regnier from Canada, Raphaela Rosella from Australia, Naman Protick Sarker from Bangladesh, Akos Stiller from Hungary, Andrejs Strokins from Latvia and Ilona Szwarc from Poland. They were selected from 141 candidates who applied this year.

The selection committee comprised of Peter Dejong, Associated Press photographer; Rena Effendi, photographer; Tanya Habjouqa, photographer; Olivier Laurent, Associate Editor British Journal of Photography and Sarah Leen, Director of Photography National Geographic. They commented that the submissions this year were much more daring, as photographers were finding newer ways of telling a story. “There was a tendency for stories with a strong element of mood and poetry. In this sense, we can see photojournalism using a more expansive vernacular, with photographers pushing their personal boundaries and challenging conventions.”

 The young photographers will unite for the Masterclass, which will be held from 2 – 8 November in Amsterdam. But before this, they are expected to shoot for a themed photo essay called ‘Irresistible’. The essays will later be discussed with six photography experts during the Masterclass. Details revolving around the identity of these experts are yet to be announced.

World Press Photo has been organising the Joop Swart Masterclass since 1994, and is supported by the Ammodo Foundation, Corbion and Canon, who are responsible for providing all the participants with a grant. Also, did you  know that the masterclass has been named after the late Chairman of the World Press Photo. He introduced it because of his belief and passion for encouraging young photographic talent.

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