With GoRigIt, Shoot & View GoPro Media on iPhone


GoPro enthusiasts have yet another accessory to aid their adrenaline fuelled exploits. GoRigIt is a phone case that you can use to strap your iPhone to your GoPro, turning it into an retina-display LCD for the camera. This lets you watch the videos and photos as they are being shot and you can play them back as well, a feature that the GoPro cameras lack.


The GoRigIt case

Once strapped on, the case connects the GoPro and the iPhone and you can then control GoPro settings, share the GoPro images and videos on social media, through your phone. The case is designed to be weather and shock resistant, trying to provide the same rough use GoPro users are accustomed to and it can be attached to most of the GoPro mounts. When using the case, your phone’s call and camera functioning is not hindered.





The GoRigIt case is currently a Kickstarter campaign. The minimum funding begins at USD 1 (approx. Rs. 60) for which you receive a ‘THANKS FOREVER’, a GoRigIt membership which gives you updates about the case and a digital badge. You can however, get yourself a case for a pledge of USD 39 (approx. Rs. 2300), while a pledge of USD 259 (approx. Rs. 15,700), or more will get you a GoPro HERO3 white edition along with the case, among other rewards. You can help the campaign reach its target of USD 35,000 (approx.2,12,0000) by 14 Sep here.

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