Winner of Burn Magazine’s Emerging Photographer Fund 2015 Announced


Danila Tkachenko, 25, of Russia has been declared as the winner of the Emerging Photographer Fund 2015, announced  Burn Magazine. Tkachenko is awarded USD 10,000 (approx. Rs. 6,35,250). In addition, the Miami-based Sofia Valiente has won the FujiFilm/Young Talent Award 2015. She received USD 5000 (approx. Rs. 3,17,625) and a Fujifilm camera.

Tkachenko’s project Restricted Areas has won him the EPF 2015. “For Restricted Areas, I travelled in search of places which used to hold great importance for the idea of technological progress. These places are now deserted. They have lost their significance, along with their utopian ideology which is now obsolete,” says Tkachenko who is a visual artist working with documentary photography.

Photograph/Danila Tkachenko

Photograph/Danila Tkachenko

Valiente’s project called Miracle Village that depicts the lives of over 150 sex offenders residing in a community by the same name off the coast of Lake Okeechobee, South Florida, USA. “My greatest attempt is to battle the taboo, to be open to seeing each individual as a complex human being. Before they were convicted, each of them thought the same way most people do about sex offenders: Lock them up and throw away the keys. The village is not just a place for the residents to live, but also a place where they are accepted by each other because they all share the same label of sex offender,” notes Sofia Valiente. She works as a photographer with Clewiston News in South Florida.

Along with the winners, the EPF 2015 finalists are: Javier Arcenillas, Marta Berens, Annie Flanagan, Alvaro Laiz, Sebastian Liste, Paolo Marchetti, Alexander Mendelevich, Metrography (collective), Emanuele Occhipinti, Raffaele Petralla, Joao Pina, Pablo Piovano, Sarker Protick, Aaron Vincent Elkaim and Danila Tkachenko.

And the FujiFilm/Young Talent Award 2015 finalists: Aaron Canipe, Nicolas Enriquez, Erin Geideman, Joshua Irwandi, Acacia Johnson, Mariah Leal Paes, David Molina, Charles Roux, Mu Yang and Sofia Valiente.

Aaron Canipe, Mu Yang, Joshua Irwandi and Nicolas Enriquez ended up as runner up for the awards who all received a Fujifilm camera.

The judging panel of the EPF 2015 was comprised of Bieke Depoorter (Photographer, Magnum), Jim Estrin (Editor, New York Times LENS blog), W.M. Hunt (Collector, Curator and Consultant), Evelien Kunst (Director, NOOR Images) and Michael “Nick” Nichols (Photographer, Editor at Large, National Geographic).

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