WhiteBison Launches Portable Lighting Studio


The South Africa-based WhiteBison has launched a portable lighting studio with LED lights, SOOC Studio. The all-in-one portable lighting studio for product photography features a folded carrying case which can be transformed into a 450 x 400 x 300mm set-up with 6000K LED strips.

WhiteBison SOOC Studio for product photography

WhiteBison SOOC Studio for product photography

Other key features of the SOOC Studio include a re-usable/cleanable plastic infinity curve, a power adapter pocket with memory card holder, handle and shoulder strap and folded dimensions of 570 x 490 x 150.

Priced at USD 290 (approx. Rs. 18,412), the portable lighting studio is available via the company’s website. However, the product is currently shipped to only selected countries. The company is yet to announce pricing and availability for the Indian markets.

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