White House Ends 40-Year Old Ban on Photography


Last Wednesday was a different day for the visitors to the White House, USA, as they were allowed to capture images during their visit, following Michelle Obama announced the end of a 40-year-old ban on photography during public tours, reported The New York Times.

Image used for representational purpose

Image used for representational purpose

According to The New York Times, the first lady revealed the news in a video posted early Wednesday in which she tore up a sign bearing the rule. On Wednesday, the visitors found new signs reading “Photography is encouraged” and “Use the #WhiteHouseTour to share your experience.”

The newspaper further reported that the photography ban was originally put in place to address a range of concerns, including the damaging effect of flash photography on artwork and delays in tours as visitors stopped to snap shots and strayed from the tour route.

As per the reports, while cellphone cameras and still-photo cameras with fixed lenses no longer than three inches are now allowed, video cameras, tablets, tripods and camera sticks are still prohibited. Flash photography and live-streaming are also banned.

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