Sony 4D Focus: How Does The Dimension of Time Affects Focus?

Sony's new 4D Focus technology for improved AF performance.

Sony’s new 4D Focus technology for improved AF performance.

Sony claims that it’s new 4D Focus technology is the dawn of a new era in autofocus. Here’s a look at the inner workings of Sony’s new 4D autofocus technology.

Traditional AF systems lock focus on a subject by looking at area and depth, i.e. a 3-dimensional space. With their new 4D Focus technology, Sony is also focusing (apologies for the bad pun) on the dimension of time, ergo the 4D nomenclature. As seen on their website, ” this enables better AF performance across wide autofocus coverage (2D height and width), fast autofocus speed (3D depth) and enhanced predictive tracking (4D time).”

The advantages of the new AF sensor can be seen in Sony’s new Alpha A6000, including a 11fps RAW shooting mode while using continuous AF tracking and a 0.06sec AF speed, amongst the fastest in the world. Additionally, the camera’s 179 AF points cover over 92% of the frame. For photographers, this means improved predictive tracking, AF even in the extreme corners even with really fast-moving subjects.

The company has released the following video to help users understand the technology better. For more information of the 4D Focus technology, you can visit their website.

And here is a live demonstration of 4D Focus:


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