Top 5 Videos to Watch on British Pathé


British Pathé, one of the earliest newsreel agencies, has uploaded their archive of 85,000 videos on YouTube. Now, every person can access high-resolution archival footage from 1896 to 1976, completely free of charge.

These short documentaries are not only a blast from the past, but are sometimes quite amusing. Here’s a list of 5 videos you cannot miss from the archive.

1. A Photography Masterclass Like Never Before

Novice photographers from the 1960s, which shows a bunch of amateur photographers learning how to photograph female models.

2. Cats, Balloons and Matchsticks… in Slow Motion

Here’s an early study of high-speed photography.

3. Looking Stylish While Hanging from a Plane

Here’s a video from 1952 which shows how aerial photography was done then… with one harness and no other safety precautions.

4. Watching Things Grow

Here are some stunning examples of time lapse photography

5. A Rare Exhibition

Presenting scenes from Dorothea Lange’s exhibition in 1966.

You can visit British Pathé’s YouTube channel here.

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