Top 10 Trends to be Observed at photokina 2018


photokina, the world’s leading trade fair in photographic and imaging industries has introduced ten trends that feature new cameras and lenses, inspiring images and events, technologies that enable entirely new image worlds one can only see and experience in this concentrated amount only in September in Cologne.

1. Professional Quality for Everyone
The technical refinement of current camera models, and the anticipation for new photokina products that will allow anyone to take photos of the professional level.

2. The Future of Camera is Mirrorless
Ten years after the first mirrorless digital interchangeable lens cameras, most experienced professionals rely on them as they are more compact and flexible. This edition of photokina will see an ever-increasing number of pure lens manufacturers like Sigma, Tamron with their mirrorless portfolios. Along with that, Canon and Nikon will also display their latest models.

3. Instant Images are no Longer Just “kids’ best friends”
Even after 80 years, Fujifilm’s Instax and Polaroid have ensured that instant photography has not lost its fascination and is also booming like never before with new formats and cameras.

4. Intelligent Algorithms for even Better Photos
The motif recognition in the cameras and smartphones of all manufacturers ensures perfect images. And with respect to software solutions for current print products like a photo book, etcetera, intelligent algorithms ensure unprecedented image quality.

5. New, Fantastic Compact Cameras
Big sensors, extending to full format with the corresponding performance, electronic viewfinder, better design, high-end zoom lenses, and features such as 4K, Wifi transform the compact cameras and make them a necessary companion while travelling.

6. 4K Video offers new Possibilities
Nearly all camera models offer 4K by which users can remove images in top quality from any film sequence directly in the camera. This means that users can take out a brilliant image of resolution 300dpi directly from 60 or 30 images per second.

7. Enjoyment of the Printed Image
An ever-increasing number of photographers and professionals are printing high-quality image products like murals, photo books and scrapbooks.

8. High Speed Quicker than the Eye
Modern camera systems offer ultra-short exposure times, 12 or more images per second and super-fast autofocus which make it possible to create fascinating photos and videos.

9. Accessories for Unique Images
Light carbon tripods, latest flash units, multi-functional bags, creative filter systems and more are all accessories that help photographers distinguish their style from the others.

10. The Square Format is on the Advance
Although Instagram started the trend of square framed photos, picture frames and murals have developed in much further as it concentrates the gaze of the viewer onto the essential elements at the centre of the image.

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