TIPA World Awards 2021: ViewSonic is One of the 40 Category Winners


ViewSonic is amongst the 40 category winners of the  TIPA World Awards 2021. The awards are bestowed on the finest products for photographers and videographers. The award was established in 1991. It has a team of member magazines that come together with the TIPA Board at the General Assembly to select the products via a rigorous voting process. Amongst its 26 member magazines, both print and digital, Better Photography is the only South Asian publication to be a part of the assembly. Vanguard is one of the 40 category winners of the 3oth edition of the award. 

Best Enthusiastic Photo Monitor: ViewSonic VP2768a

Enthusiast photographers and videographers require a monitor with a high standard of colour accuracy, uniformity, and calibration capability. The ViewSonic VP2768a provides all of the above, plus an integrated workflow that helps clear desktop clutter by recognising that numerous forms of input and output are all part of today’s creative process. For example, the DisplayPort output allows for a double monitor chain, and connecting a computer via the USB-C port enables the transfer of all data through a single cable. An integrated USB 3 hub handles a keyboard, a mouse, and flash drives. The 27-inch ColorPro Series IPS panel delivers a stunningly palette of 4.39 trillion colours and is factory calibrated. It is Pantone Validated, supports 100% sRGB colour space, colour blindness mode, and features 14-bit LUT hardware calibration.

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