The HTC RE: The Action Camera That Wasn’t

HTC's new waterproof action camera, the RE.

HTC’s new waterproof action camera, the RE.

Cellphone manufacturers complimenting the camera market with innovative consumer cameras isn’t entirely new, Samsung and Sony have been doing it for a few years now, but the possibilities still remain quite exciting. Stepping into foray now is HTC with it’s rumoured action camera, the RE.

This mini periscope look-a-like features a 16MP sensor (I’m rather glad they moved away from the UltraPixel hoopla that have been plaguing their flagship phones) and a lens that gives a 146° field of view. It can shoot HD video, is waterproof to upto one meter. It has a minimalist design that features only two buttons and can turn any Android or iOS device into an LCD, using the RE app. Photos and videos transfer wirelessly via WiFi.

The top button can be used to trigger the shutter or held for video. The button on the front activates the slow motion feature. The camera also comes with a few accessories so that it can latch on to a bike’s handlebar, a cap or clip it to a window.

Definitely not the GoPro competitor we were hoping for, it would appear that the company has different plans for the camera. The company is looking to market it as an extreme selfie camera instead. It would appear that this “action” camera has actually taken a page out of Sony’s perfume book.

The camera is set to hit the Indian market by November and will be priced around Rs. 15,000.


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