Tele Conversion Lens Makes the Fujifilm X100 into a 50mm Camera


Tele Conversion Lens for X100S

Fujifilm has announced a new Tele Conversion Lens that can be used with the X100S, to give an equivalent focal length of 50mm, without affecting the maximum available aperture. The X100S, of course, is a camera that gives a 35mm equivalent field of view (23mm on an APS-C sensor). While several third-party manufacturers sell teleconverters for the X100/X100S , this is the first proprietary product of its kind.

The lens is rather big, and removes some of the size advantage that the X100S has over other mirrorless cameras that have interchangeable lenses. It must be remembered that the company already sells a Wide Angle Converter lens (WCL) that gives a 28mm field of view.  With the WCL and TCL, an X100/X100S owner effectively has a three-lens system.

It would be interesting to see if the new teleconverter affects image quality, but it sure makes the camera more versatile.

Image Source: Twitter feed of Fujifilm UK

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