Sony to Invest Heavily on its Alpha Series

Sony Alpha range

Sony Alpha range


With the recent launch of the Alpha 7S, Sony is all set to make its mark in the Indian camera market. It plans to do so by allocating Rs. 22 crore in promoting its Alpha camera range.

For the longest time, Sony only focused on their compact cameras but with this new venture, it plans to promote the Alpha series with the help of TV commercials, and also creating an online community that will consist of Sony Alpha users and other photography enthusiasts.

Ryusuke Fukushima, Sony India Deputy General Manager (Marketing Division) mentioned, “This is our first attempt and we want to be treated as a serious camera brand.” He also added that the company plans to increase its touch-point retailing of its Alpha series to 800 this year. Fukushima seemed unfazed when asked about Sony’s rather late entry in the DLSR market. “We are not concerned about being late or early in this market. Our focus is only on progress,” he said.

Additionally, Sony has its focus on its compact camera users. They have no intention however, of reducing the prices of their cameras, despite the competition with other giants like Nikon and Canon. At the moment, Fukushima seems really confident of the Indian market. “India has shown its full potential in the interchangeable lens category. It would be really about how we can expand the market and invite the new customers,” he said. 

Its Alpha cameras have had a significant increase in their market share from 4% in 2012 to 9% in 2013. Currently, the price bracket for 14 Sony Alpha camera models is between Rs. 27,990–Rs. 1,79,990. Beside this it has also launched 52 lenses, which include Carl-Zeiss and G-lenses. These are priced between Rs. 7,990–Rs. 1,39,990.





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