Shutter Star Captures the Vibrant Notes of Life


The HP Indigo Shutter Star photo contest has received an astonishing number of entries from across the country. Here is a recap of the exciting judging process and a look at the winners.

The Shutter Star contest, organised by HP Indigo, aims to award photographers who have captured the nuances of our culture, diversity, individuality, experiences, and collective humanity. There are five special categories—Weddings, Travel, Baby Shower, Lockdown Diaries, and Birthdays and Anniversaries—that were judged by renowned experts—K Madhavan Pillai, Mohit Ahuja, Harsheen Jammu, Pon Prabakaran, and Rajen Nair.

Each judge was assigned a category based on their area of expertise. The jury spent a couple of days to look at the submissions and choose the category winner. The entries were marked based on the narrative, emotion, composition, style, and technique. After deciding the five category winners, the judges came together to discuss, and choose the overall winner.

Along with the contest, HP Indigo has also launched a website by the same name. It will help photographers to locate the nearest HP printer in their vicinity by using the pincode. You can also view the newest trends in the photo lab industry, customer success stories, Photosummit workshop videos, as well as look at all the images submitted to the contest, along with a write up about these photographs. All you have to do is register to the website with your phone number, and create an account. To know more, visit

Panel of Jury

Grand Title Winner

Akash Ghosh, Kolkata

Photograph/Akash Ghosh is an excellent resource website by HP, and for anyone who loves colours and the value of printing. This inaugural contest, so aptly named, yielded some exceptional entries across categories. My hearty congratulations to all the winners.” —K Madhavan Pillai, Judge

Lockdown Diaries

S Sathiyaseelan, Chennai

Photograph/S Sathiyaseelan

“I am very fortunate to be invited as a part of the judging panel by HP Shutter Star contest. I had a tough time choosing the winner as there were so many pictures to select from. Now, I have a new respect and understanding of the judges who have this challenging task of choosing winners. Congratulations to all the participants and winners.” —Pon Prabakaran, Judge


Sourav Das, Purba Medinipur

Photograph/Sourav Das

“The photo contest reminded me of the famous quote from Henri CartierBresson, ‘It is an illusion that photos are made from camera, they are made with eye, heart and head.’ The entries were so creative and moving.” —Rajen Nair, Judge


Avik Datta, Kolkata

Photograph/Avik Datta

“My experiences have always taught me that a great travelling journey is when you leave a part of your heart in a place. The memories can be happy or upsetting, but even years later, it impacts you when you think about it. Travel photography is just that in an image, and that’s one of the major parameters I used to judge the submissions in this category.” —Mohit Ahuja, Judge

Baby Shower

Arun Saha, Pune

Photograph/Arun Saha

“For me, it always starts with a gut feeling—if an image strikes my heart. Other times, it’s an idea— the imagination of the photographer working overtime to think of something original and emotive. Images need to reach out and force a jury to pay attention, whether it’s the subject matter, powerful composition, or incredible use of light. I was glad that the participants were able to do so.” —Harsheen Jammu, Judge

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Debasish Chakraborty, Barrackpore

Photograph/Debasish Chakraborty