Scientists Reconstruct Audio Using Camera Vibrations


Videos may be able to capture sound without microphones. This amazing feat was carried out by a research team led by MIT, Microsoft and Adobe states that sound can be detected by tracking miniscule vibrations by objects using a high speed film camera.

The implication of the results can be massive, as the camera can provide data about the gender of a speaker, the number of speakers in the area and other such basic details. This algorithm that discerns the sound can change the face of surveillance and with further developments, it may be a tool that wouldn’t just be on the likes of James Bond.

Documentary filmmakers and photojournalists could possibly come to benefit from this project as they could capture sound of conversations and events where microphones are prohibited. They were able to recreate the experiment using a DSLR as well, though the audio results were not as coherent. The research papers will be presented at the computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH later this week.

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