Saumya Khandelwal Wins Getty Images Instagram Grant


The Getty Images Instagram Grant was founded to support visual artists, photographers and videographers who use Instagram to tell compelling stories from underrepresented communities around the globe. In its third edition, the grant was awarded to Isadora Kosofsky who is based in Los Angeles, Nina Robinson from Arkansas, and Saumya Khandelwal from India. Now a photojournalist with Reuters, Khandelwal’s winning series titled Child Brides of Shravasti threw light on the lives of young girls in rural Uttar Pradesh, who were forced into early marriages.

Since the winners were announced, the series has drawn attention internationally. It has also attracted several NGOs who have expressed interest in her work. Khandelwal hopes that in the future she’ll be able to create a larger narrative through the project. She intends to explore other parts of the country where the practice is still prevelant, while also exposing the peculiarities of different cultures. “Their stories are important and they deserve to be told,” she says.

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