Samsung NX500 Firmware Update Improves Autofocus


The newly released firmware update for Samsung NX500 mirrorless digital SLR camera is said to have enhanced autofocus features and improved video.

According to the company, the firmware update will enable photographers to see improvements in overall autofocus including low-light conditions, backlit and spot light, and face detection. Also, the firmware upgrade will apparently enhance autofocus performance in the corners when utilising the 16–50mm PZ lens.

Samsung NX500

Samsung NX500

In addition, a Zone AF mode has been added and the AF Area Size has been increased to five. The face detection area of the sensor has also been enhanced. Other key additions include 4 Pro Suggest presets, selfie as flip mode, and an improved selfie AF function in timer mode.

On the video front, the firmware update will add a Pro mode in movie quality and will increase the bit rates for movie size and quality up to 70Mbps. Also, the movie recording time has been changed to 25 minutes at Full HD 60p/50p. The new manual focus responsiveness mode has been added.

Available now, the firmware can be downloaded WiFi on the camera or with Samsung’s iLauncher software.

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