Report: AR Comes Out of the Shadow of VR


The Imaging Trend report issued by the Photographic Industry Association (PIV) suggests that Augmented Reality (AR) will soon emerge out as a separate category from under the wings of Virtual Reality (VR). Presently in its budding phase, analysts have certified that AR has a higher value growth potential than VR in the coming years. Products such as smart glasses have already established themselves in the B2B Markets. According to App Annie, the downloads of AR apps from the Apple Store has nearly quadrupled from a sample provided in late 2017. The AR innovations involve market penetration, lower market entry barriers, realistic experiences, photographic quality, and user-generated AR content. The report also predicts that Deloitte estimates USD100 million to be spent on AR products in 2018 and that imaging companies are to benefit from business from AR-capable sensors and image processors.

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