Rangefinder App to emulate Leica

Screenshot of the Red Dot Camera

Screenshot of the Red Dot Camera

Lifelike Apps released Red Dot Camera, a manual rangefinder style camera app for the iPhone. The app features a magnified patch at the centre of the viewfinder, which can be controlled by means of a ring to achieve better focus. It enables the user to manually control the ISO value as well as the shutter speed, facilitating optimal exposure for shooting photographs.

Red Dot Camera also emulates Leica’s M rangefinder by means of displaying frame lines that simulate the focal lengths of 35mm and 50mm lenses, a significant development given the fact that the iPhone camera has a fixed, 28mm focal length. Additional features include self-timer and black-and-white modes.

The app is priced at USD 2.99, and requires a version of iOS 8.0 or later.

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