Ranger RX Speed AS: Portable Power

Ranger RX Speed AS

Ranger RX Speed AS

The Ranger RX Speed AS, a portable battery pack  is an exceptional amalgamation of preciseness, power and speed.

It recycles to full power in 2.9 seconds, delivers about 250 flashes at full power and offers a 2:1 asymmetrical output that allows fast flash duration.  The power range is 7 f-stops to allow precise control of light.

It incorporates advanced miniaturized components and weighs 8kg. It can be controlled by an EL-Skyport remote, iDevices, computer or by handset, hence making the use of light easier.

Some of the highlights of the Ranger RX Speed AS are:

  • It is a 1100 Ws portable battery pack.
  • EL-Skyport : Radio remote control and triggering.
  • Set flash power and switch on/off the modelling lamp with the ELS Transmitter Speed and the optional ELS Transceiver RX.
  • Allows control from an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the EL-Skyport App.
  • Complete Ranger RX units can be remote controlled with the EL-Skyport Software, controlling up to 4 studios of 16 units with EL-Skyport RX or extra features like flash counter or flash delay can be accessed.
  • Consistent flash power at any power level.
  • 7 f-stop range.
  • Power saving, auto cut off to save energy.
  • Modelling lamp modes: 15s, 30s and off.
  • Photocell–adapted to release in bright ambient light.
  • Auto Dump.
  • Power saving mode: Auto switch off.
  • Battery box quick release, batteries can be replaces in a few seconds.
  • Fast battery recharging time: 3 hours to full power

The Ranger RX Speed AS  is ideal for professionals on the move, long shoots and spread out studios.

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