Rajen Nandwana, Indian head of The Royal Photographic Society, England displays his photograph at Epson, photokina 2018


Hampi India by Rajen Nandwana

A decade ago, a technical expert picked up his camera and his accomplishments are now history. Rajen Nandwana, the Indian head of The Royal Photographic Society, England, a businessman by profession and a hobbyist photographer, showcased his winning picture titled ‘Hampi India’ in the landscape category of Digigraphie competition conducted by Epson Europe at photokina 2018, Germany. Nandwana’s relation with Epson started 7 years ago when they were a singularity in the market of digital printing. Driving the machine himself, Nandwana explains that each print requires detailed discussion to achieve the ultimate output. And that the first print is never the final one. Spending a day or two in a year photographing, Nandwana express, “You want to do something for your own self, for your own space. Photography is like meditation for me.” His winning image ‘Hampi India’ was shot on his invitation to a 700-year-old temple where the intriguing vegetable pigment caught his eye. After spending a couple of hours photographing for himself, he unknowingly landed on this subject.

Every year, photographers from around the world compete in the Digigraphie Photography Competition by Epson Europe in 5 categories (landscape, wedding, portraits, bodies/motion and wildlife). Judged by Epson’s ambassadors David Brenot, Isabel Muñoz, and Stefano Unterthiner, they demonstrate the effective use of Epson’s technology in digital printing. Annually, the winning photographer and four runner-ups from Europe get their images exhibited over the course of the trade fair like Photokina or the yearly event of Photo festival in Husum, North Germany. The membership is currently limited to Europe. Nandwana has previously presented at photokina 2017, four times at Husum Photo festival and is a certified Digigraphie artist by Digigraphie Epson since 2012.

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