Quote of the Day by Bill Jay


“Photography is inextricably linked with life; the photographer is not invisibly behind the camera but projecting a life-attitude through the lens to create an interference pattern with the image. Who he is, what he believes, not only becomes important to know intellectually, but also becomes revealed emotionally and visibly through a body of work.” —Bill Jay (1940-2009)

Born in England, Bill Jay began his career with several photographic periodicals. He was the first Editor/Director of Creative Camera magazine (1968–1969), as well as the founder of Album magazine (1970–1971). In the 1970s, he also founded the program of Photographic Studies at Arizona State University, where he taught History and Criticism classes for 25 years. Jay has published over 400 articles, and is the author of more than 20 books on the history and criticism of photography. Some of his work includes Views on Nudes (1972), Photographers Photographed (1983), and Route 60 (1981).