Polaroid Launches New Line of Dashcam


Polaroid has announced the launch of a new line of automobile dash cameras that includes four models: PD G55H, PD S53H, PD E53H and PD S51X.

All the models in this line full 1080p HD capturing ability, a built-in G-sensor automatically saves a recording when a collision is detected and mini USB car charger.

Polaroid unveils new line of automobile dash cameras

Polaroid unveils new line of automobile dash cameras

The PD G55H features a GPS tracker, a 2.5-inch colour LED display, full 1080p HD, 156° wide-angle coverage, photo mode, auto recording, lane departure warning system, a speed control limit indicator. The dashcam is compatible with microSD memory card up to 32GB.

The PD S53H and PD E53H are equipped with a 2-inch colour LED display and 120° wide-angle coverage. Other key features in these models are similar to PD G55H.

Apart from a 1.5-inch colour LED display and 130° wide-angle coverage, the PD S51X offers the similar features to other three members of the line.

“The Polaroid brand has a long tradition of providing consumers with family friendly and easy-to-use imaging products and we are excited to launch our first line of cameras designed specifically for in-vehicle use,” says Scott W Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid.

The dash cameras range from USD 59.95 (approx. Rs.3820) to USD 199.95 (approx. Rs.12,750) and are available via the company’s official website.

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