photokina 2018: Wedding photography tips from Canson(R) Infinity


Celebrated wedding photographer and fine art printing expert, Rocco Ancora, named one of the Top Ten Photographers in the world by American Photo publication, will share his expertise on what is important for wedding photography and the importance of printing your memories on papers, proven to stand the test of time.

“My work can be considered as emotive and for me, a good photograph has to be full of emotion, mood and atmosphere,” says Rocco Ancora. “When shooting at weddings, I look for moments that make me feel good inside and these are usually the same moments that make the bride and groom feel good. My job as a wedding photographer is to not only tell the story of the couple on their wedding day, but also to create beautiful timeless images that the family will cherish for generations to come”.

Emotions can last longer than just for that brief moment of capture, Ancora points out. While some memories can fade with time, printing those magical moments ensures that the wedding photographs transform into long lasting memories for generations to come.

Printing your family history
“I love printing, I love printmaking and the power of the print can be extraordinary and a beautiful generational thing, to share with the next generation. I remember viewing images as a child with my grandparents when we held the same print. Now they are no longer with us and I’m still holding the print, there’s a connection”, says Ancora. “The power of print is so emotive, very different from just looking at a computer screen. The best way to ensure a long lasting memory is to invest in archival fine art images. When talking archival, different elements needs to come together, one of the biggest ones being the paper, which should be a natural cotton fibre and not have any OBAs. For me, paper choice is an integral part of the creative process and it has to meet certain criteria. It begins with quality and technical excellence with the ability to render tones and colours as you intend.”

The importance of choosing the right paper
Known for its varied choice in fine art papers, the papers of Canson® Infinity makes it possible for Ancora and other photographers to choose the right look feel of the final image. “When I want a softer feel, I would use Canson® Infinity Edition Etching Rag, a 100% cotton Fine Art paper with a smooth texture, whereas when I want very detailed images, I would use Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag. Following the choice of paper, another important criterion is archival permanence”, Ancora continues. “Canson® Infinity papers offer all of this and more and they are a very important piece of my creative jigsaw.”

“Your prints are the legacy you leave behind and they need to last the test of time. If printed and stored correctly the photos can be kept in excellent condition for many, many years, allowing for generations to come to look back at that special day. In other words, you’re printing your family history for your children, grandchildren and even further down the line, to connect with. Pretty hard to imagine with a USB-stick or a hard drive”, Ancora concludes.

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