Phase One Launches the iXU-R Aerial Camera Series


Phase One has unveiled a new iXU-R camera series for medium format aerial digital photography. The series is comprised of the iXU-R 180, the iXU-R 160 and iXU-R 160 Achromatic, which offers resolution of 80MP, 60MP and 60MP respectively.

The three cameras feature dedicated interchangeable 40mm, 50mm and 70mm Phase One Rodenstock lenses equipped with central leaf shutters. Other key features of these cameras include Phase One dedicated mount, maximum shutterspeed of up to 1/1600 second, shutter control of 1/3 f-stop increments and 1TB SSD storage. The iXU-R series cameras offer image output in RAW, TIF and JPG format. All three cameras are available either with or without IR filter.

Phase One launches the iXU-R Aerial camera series

Phase One launches the iXU-R Aerial camera series

The iXU-R 180 and the iXU-R 160 can capture images at ISO settings of up to 800, while the iXU-R 160 Achromatic captures images at ISO settings of up to 3200.

Measuring 128.5 x 114 x 137mm (body only), all three cameras weight weighs 1.6kg (with 40mm lens), 1.7kg (with 50mm lens) and 1.45kg (with 70mm lens).

The camera series is available now via the company’s authorised sales partners. Phase has not shared the pricing details yet.

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