Panono Announces Ball-Camera Featuring 108MP


Panono has announced its plans to release the first edition of its ball-shaped camera, Panono Explorer. Touted as the first consumer camera to exceed 100MP, the Explorer allows users to capture high-resolution, 360° x 360° full-spherical panoramic images.

The 108MP Panono camera features 36 individual camera modules embedded all around it that simultaneously capture everything in every direction. Can also be operated with a selfie-stick, the ball-camera can be remote-controlled via a mobile device when mounted on a tripod.

Panono Explorer

Panono Explorer

User can also preview the images instantly via Panono mobile app and can send the images to the Panono Cloud for finishing and delivery back to the app.

The camera features a tough clear plastic body, 16GB of storage capacity, WiFi and USB slot. Measuring 11cm, the camera weighs around 480 grams.

Available for USD 1499 (approx. Rs. 96,145) via the company’s official website, the camera will be shipped from September 2015. According to the company, when the Panono Camera goes into increased production, the retail price is expected to be USD 599 (approx. Rs. 38,420).

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