Panasonic Said to Make the First Light Field Camera with Interchangeable Lens


According to reports by Japanese website SankieBiz, Panasonic is said to be working on a light field camera that will, for the first time, use an interchangeable lens.

Image used for representational purpose

Image used for representational purpose

The website further reports that Panasonic has developed the light field camera and is planning to commercialise it by 2016. The newly developed camera by the company will allow users to choose the focal plane after the image is captured.

However, Panasonic has not announced any details about pricing, availability, specifications about image sensor and camera mounts.

Lytro had launched the world’s first light field camera in 2011 and last year the company announced an updated version, Illum.

In addition, according to 43 Rumors, Panasonic had announced in May 2015 that the company is planning to introduce an 8K camera by 2020. The camera will enable users to extract 33MP photographs from the captured video.

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