Panasonic Better Photography Wedding Video Awards 2019: Top Six Nominees


The first edition of the Better Photography Wedding Video Awards 2019, recognises and lauds talent in the wedding videography industry.

Wedding filmmaking, in recent years, has emerged as a genre on its own, especially in India. Today, it is considered as one of the most intensive forms of movie-making. The matrimonial union in our country has always taken on a whole new form and meaning. Culture, rituals and traditions, stories, and emotions are a few aspects that play a significant role in an Indian wedding. A big fat wedding or a tiny one in a rural village, both are equally brilliant, with heartwarming stories to be told, faces and memories to be chronicled and preserved. It is the responsibility of production teams, videographers, editors, specialists and artists to ensure that the story is documented and beautifully narrated.

Panasonic Lumix, foremost in video technologies with a large quality oriented line-up of professional and enthusiast level cameras, lenses, and capture related products, has partnered with Better Photography for the very first edition of the Wedding Video Awards. The awards seek to provide a platform of merit, recognise the entries as a form of art in its own right, and to discover talent, and laud the best of them. 

The first edition has received an astonishing number of 2224 entries from 98 cities and towns in the country. The contest was open for submission for two and a half months in six categories—Best Short Wedding Highlights Video, Best Storytelling in a Wedding Video, Best Long Form Wedding Video, Best Ambient/Recorded Audio in a Wedding Video, Best Cinematography in a Wedding Video, and Best Edited Wedding Video.

Here’s a look at the top six nominees in each of the categories.

  1. Best Short Wedding Highlights Video
  2. Best Storytelling in a Wedding Video
  3. Best Long Form Wedding Video
  4. Best Ambient/Recorded Audio in a Wedding Video
  5. Best Cinematography in a Wedding Video
  6. Best Edited Wedding Video


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